Goddess Salon this Sunday December 2 at Sacred

 I'm hosting a workshop at my favorite yoga studio this Sunday - hope you can make it!

Have you ever dreamed of having a wardrobe packed with endless possibility, but not a lot of stuff? Or being able to travel with a carry-on and have more than enough to wear? (Trudy Miller did, and she made it happen not just for herself, but for women from all walks of life) At this salon, you'll learn how to lighten your closet load, engage your creativity, and achieve effortless style for all your life’s journeys.

You should definitely sign up if you answer yes to any of the following statements:

I have a packed closet with nothing to wear.
My wardrobe hasn't caught up with the new me.
My body is in transition: gaining or losing weight, pregnant, etc.
I want to explore new looks, but don’t want to spend a fortune.
I want to look as fabulous as possible with the least amount of effort.